Lets quiz and find out about your friends

Start Quizzing Your Friends!

Testmyquiz is one of the simplest websites to create a simple quiz and find out how well your friends or family really know you, your friends or family can enter and answer your questions using your given connection, after they have answered the questions a score will be given and how many questions they have got right or wrong will be told.

Well, Testmyquiz is a kind of fun way to know more about your near ones, apart from watching movies or listening to music now days we don't have any other entertainment outlets left.

You have to sign up on Testmyquiz to create a quiz and it will show you just press it to create a quiz button and follow the basic instructions, once you have finished making the quiz copy your quiz link and share it with your friends or family so that they can start answering the questions, once they are done you will see their stats under your "my friends" option.

It is the easiest to use, the interface of it is very user friendly, person of every age is able to use it without any needing any help. It is not just made to quiz your friends you can use it for any purpose say suppose you are a teacher and you need to test your students you can use this free tool to create a quiz for your students.

In my opinion testmyquiz is one of the best ways to have fun with your friends and know more about them.